Norfolk Mental Health Advocate Honored

NORFOLK, NE —The Liberty Centre in Norfolk has been serving the community for 30 years by helping rehabilitate those who suffer from mental illness.

This is possible because of the service, passion and dedication that was put in by J. Paul McIntosh.

McIntosh has been an advocate for mental health care for decades ensuring real opportunities for people who are recovering and rebuilding their lives after suffering devastating effects of mental illness.

“The big thing people need to understand is that they can reclaim their lives and become contributing members of society, and hundreds of people have.”

All of us at some point have suffered from some form of mental illness, according to McIntosh. McIntosh explains that some suffer temporarily, while for others it goes on and becomes permanent.

“One of the things we have to help them do is understand they are not alone.”

Over many years of following his passion and giving back, he says he is most inspired by those who have reclaimed their life from the grasp of mental illness.

“I could think of all the people whose lives have totally been changed, I could write a book about these people. When I see people who are convinced they can’t be helped and really believe they can’t be helped, it hurts me to know that yes you can be.”

This week peers and partners involved in the Clubhouse International Board of Directors unanimously elected McIntosh to a lifetime seat on the Club House International Emeritus Board, a way of telling him that his experience wisdom and wit are appreciated.