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About Community Support Services
“My CPP worker is kind and compassionate, yet holds me accountable to make the changes I need to make to better my life.”

The Community Support Program includes five different levels of services. Medication Management Support enhances all five levels of community support
The importance of medication compliance in relation to long term mental health and physical health is significant.
 Medication Management Support Services  are offered by our team and have made an impact in decreasing the need for hospitalizations. 

The Community Support program assist consumers maximizing their ability to function in the least restrictive environment possible. Services are coordinated to meet the consumer’s needs and preferences. Below is a list of some of the services community support workers can provide, coordinate, or assist with accessing:
  *Life Skills
  *Interpersonal Skills
  *Medical/Clinical Services
  *Relapse Prevention
  *Medication Management
  *Mental Health
  *Substance Abuse                         *Connecting with Resources         *HHS and Social Security              

The Crisis Prevention Program (CPP) helps individuals who struggle with major mental illness or substance abuse issues obtain the best level of recovery possible. Community Support staff work side by side with consumers to connect the person with needed resources in their community; offering 
training and education on daily living skills; and providing 24 hour access to support. Services are provided in the setting best suited to meet consumer’s needs with an emphasis on home based community support.  
Services are coordinated, comprehensive and integrated over time. Services are responsive to ongoing changes in the consumer’s needs and preferences. This is accomplished by actively collaborating with the consumer through providing a wide array of treatment services with a focus on recovery and rehabilitation. CPP recognizes that the consumer is the primary force for change and assists the consumer in building positive community support networks.

Emergency Community Support (ECS) serves individuals that need emergency services and have a mental health or substance abuse condition. ECS provides support to people who are on the verge of a crisis or recovering from a recent crisis. The objective is to avoid hospitalization and transition back into the community. ECS will provide services until there are adequate wrap around services for ongoing stability and support.

Intensive Community Support Services (ICS) is for individuals who suffer from severe mental illness, have a history of frequent hospitalizations and need daily contact with our staff to prevent the occurrence of a crisis which may require hospitalization. The Community Support staff work with the individual to identify services they may need in the areas of community living, daily living skills, medication management, physical health, vocational and educational needs.                                                      

Community Support-Mental Health (CS-MH) and Community Support-Substance Abuse (CS-SA) is a rehabilitative and support program for individuals with severe mental illness and/or a substance dependence diagnosis. Community Support workers assist consumers to maintain stable community living and to prevent an increase in the symptoms of mental illness and/or substance use. This preventive measure is to minimize admission to higher levels of care. The community support worker meets weekly with individuals to help them continue toward their aspirations and achieve their goals.

Recovery Support (RS) services are designed to promote success in independent living for individuals who have severe mental illness and/or a substance dependence diagnosis. Support is provided on a monthly basis to help individuals continue toward achieving their behavioral health goals to maintain wellness. Community support workers advocate for consumers to access resources and foster advocacy and 
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